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New data suggests Tesla batteries last up to 25 years. In this episode, we’ll be diving into this data and seeing how it translates to owners.

Back in April, I shared data on Tesla battery degradation. Since then, Tesla owners have been measuring and sharing their battery degradation data – and the results have been surprising. Tesla owners who contributed to this data first drained their EV batteries down to 0%, then charged fully them to 100%. This is to get a consistent measurement on how much energy a battery can hold.

Despite the data, many people wonder why lithium-ion batteries in phones and laptops can barely hold a charge after a few years, while lithium-ion EV batteries don’t suffer the same fate. Well, according to lithium-ion battery cells studies, after 500-800 charging cycles and 100,000 to 150.000 miles a battery’s charging capacity drops to around 70%. However, most EV owners don’t typical drain their batteries to 0% or 100%. This increases the battery life significantly. Based on study estimates, owners who practice partial charging generally see degradation after 1,200-1,500 charging cycles and 350,000 miles of life.

Because study data on EV battery life is limited, the data provided by real owners, as mentioned above, is much more valuable. It is important to note, charging habits are not the only contribution factors to battery life as factors like temperature and usage patterns also play a role.

As stated, most owners don’t typically run their batteries to 0%, and by default a Tesla battery stops charging at 80%. This is to reduce battery strain.To even further reduce battery strain, Tesla may limit Fast Charging speeds. All of these factors combined are Tesla’s safeguard to help protect your vehicle, ensure you have a great experience with your luxury EV as well as allow for an expansive lifespan (unlike phone and laptop batteries).

In running some regression analysis on the user-provide data, I found that there was some high volatility. This is likely due to the factor that the data is user-reported, and it is not being measured in a controlled environment.

When Eindhoven University of Technology Systems and Control Professor, Maarten Steinbuch, looked at this data, he found that “on average the batteries have 92% remaining at 240.000 km. If the linear behavior would continue, then the ‘lifetime’ (still 80% capacity left) can be calculated as follows: 92-80 = 12% times 45,000 km = 540,000 km.”

I also looked at another studied from YouTuber and battery aficionado Jehu Garcia. He tested some early Tesla batteries and found that without use, batteries degraded at about .35% per year. Which means, after about 285 years, these batteries will be almost completely dead.

Working with the figure that batteries will retain more than 80% of their capacities for up 310,000 miles and considering that the average US drives about 13,5000 miles, on average, a Tesla battery does not need replacing for around 23 years.

The point is, by the time your Tesla battery wears out, we’ll be in a totally new world – and likely won’t even be driving ourselves anymore. In fact, Elon Musk recently stated that he thinks in 20 years we won’t even have steering wheels in cars.

So, when it comes to the lifespan of your Tesla battery, rest easy. It will likely outlast the rest of your car.

I compiled my data using the following sources:
Tesla Model S battery degradation data

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The Best Tesla Batteries Last Forever (Basically) Reviews 2019


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  2. Kindle Fire says:

    You fools believe this 😂😂

  3. WILSON! says:

    It's amazing how far Tesla fanatics will reach to prove a Tesla makes sense.

  4. xxdizannyxx says:

    Look at his description and realize that he is a paid shill. When someone is a paid shill then you know you are only being told half of the story.

  5. Would be great if other manufacturers could do this as well. Drilling machines, speakers, vibrators, whatever people use lithium batteries in.

  6. Bob Cobb says:

    We'll see, where I live it is 120 miles to the nearest Walmart and it often gets 20' below zero. I wonder if I jumped in my tesla, turned on the heater and windshield wipers, if it would even make the trip?

  7. gagarin yuri says:

    marketing bullshit , it last 4 years then earning light will ask to replace battery
    yellow mouse kid pushes shit in mass

  8. Darren Woods says:

    I believe with the nature of competition and the desire to improve current battery technology in 10 to 15 years time the cost to replacing an EV battery will only be a few thousand dollars instead of donating a kidney for funds, thus in theory selling the car with a new battery providing you keep it in good order should mean EV's will have an edge in the market on resale value.

  9. Roy BM says:

    If recycled lithium and other rare earth metals from the battery pack can’t be recycled in a new Tesla EV battery but lower grade cells it’s still a consumption product in my eyes. I hope they will find a way to change this in the near future.

  10. I like to live forever. Warranty finishes in ten years after that death starts to happen one after the other.

  11. T.B.A.R.R.O. says:

    So Tesla now has a 20 yr/200,000 mile warrentee on batteries?!!


    Or, don't say it.

  12. ironsword7 says:

    What happens to second hand cars in 30, 40 or 50 years from now though? Given the battery is one of the most expensive components of electric vehicles, I can't help but think about what 1st car buyers will be faced with….a car with drastically reduced range or the need to buy a new battery at considerable cost.

  13. @teslanomics with Ben Sullins have you come across any research on Tesla batteries in lobby term storage? I have a new model 3 performance that I've had to leave in the states while I'm working abroad. Do you know the best way to store the car? It won't be driven much, if at all, while I'm away for over a year. Thanks in advance!

  14. Dixie Lough says:

    When you get to be my age, 25 years is not a long time.

  15. N3dR says:

    Its easy to project from a graph and make such fantastical claims with the veneer of scientific credibility.

    I have a hard time believing this , seeimg how this fly contrary to all the experience i had faced in the past – every phone, laptop, torch, toy, camera i have owned, used or seen. None of them seem to hold even 50% even after 5 years. Thats the graph i am sticking to. Tesla uses cells similar to and based on the ones used in laptop batteries. The newer cells are customized for EVs but still they are subjected to harsher strain. My laptop never was left outdoors, used in the rain, snow, dust, driven at 100kmph on rough terrain or had birds crap on it. Yet most of my laptop batteries flat out died within 5 years. No doubt tesla battery cells are better built and have amazing battery management systems. But 25 years? This isn't Hogwarts.

    I am a tesla fan and optimistic that EV is the future. But this channel is a cult.

  16. You says:

    Please it is pronounced Tess-la not tez-la

  17. What will we do to depose all tesla batters it will still pollute the environment

  18. Unless you get hit and the batteries explode.

  19. the saying goes

    "Free your mind, and your ass will follow (the kingdom of heaven is within)."

    Mad luv your info anyway…

    Parliament/Funkadelic forever!!

  20. slyonerz says:

    I'm sorry you will have to speak up. I can't hear you over the sound of you gagging on Elon's cock for nearly 6 minutes.

  21. Surew Purewq says:

    So that means… For the first few times you replace the car, not the battery.

  22. Velu Velu says:

    Okay, What type of Chemistry using in Tesla Model 3 batter Batteries 21700🔋 ??????.
    Can you Explain ?

  23. New definition for forever is 25 years

  24. Dude, the battery cells in a Tesla are basically the SAME that have been used in laptop batteries for years.

    So this argumentation is bullshit. Theres actually a lot of "data" from laptop batteries (btw, I dont think you have the proper background to talk about this matter).

  25. sir , in my country we still buy and sell fiat 128 ….

  26. zgrad2008 says:

    Когда уже индеец Соколиный Глаз заметит, что в зарядном устройстве смартфонов нет клеммы заземления? Аккумуляторы от этого и имеют низкий срок службы..неправильные блоки питания. Не? Ну ладно.

  27. After 15 years 3rd world war going to start

  28. Martin Knott says:

    What a load pf speculation. Even he says its not firm data because of the real way they are used. And the daily mileage limit is not based on any research.

  29. eatcochayuyo says:

    Well, you should be a preacher, really! As much enthusiasm and optimism as I have for e-mobility, you are bending the facts a bit too hard there!

  30. Jason Ingram says:

    Tesla Supercharging stations charge with up to 145 kW of power distributed between two adjacent cars, with a maximum of 120 kW per car. That is up to 16 times as fast as public charging stations; they take about 20 minutes to charge to 50%, 40 minutes to charge to 80%, and 75 minutes to 100%.

  31. Raw2929 Will says:

    Same to a gasoline car it loose some power after years of driving

  32. New Data Suggests" Tesla stock is tanking and all these audi , bmw and Porsche all electric cars are coming on line. The battery may last forever but the company wont.

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